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Computer Cleaning Instructions: Three Easy Steps


Why Clean Your Computer?

Because most of our interaction with our computers doesn’t extend beyond the use of a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, it’s easy to forget that our computers are actual physical objects with moving parts.  So it’s understandable that no matter how important cleanliness is to us, we often forget that our computers need to be cleaned, too.  It's important to realize, however, that the interior components of a computer (hard drive, circuitry, etc.) collect dust and need to be cleaned off at least once a year.  Removing dust and debris helps ensure that the computer will continue to function properly thoughout its lifespan. 

How to clean your computer:

We recommend a simple, three-step process of cleaning your computer that won’t take long at all:

  1. Open your computer up to give yourself access to its interior (you’ll want to make sure you power it off first).
  2. Use a can of compressed air to loosen all the dust on the interior.
  3. Vacuum the dust out of the computer, and you’re done.

Remember, your computer is made to be opened to give you access to its interior mechanisms, so don’t be afraid of opening it up and getting in there to get it all cleaned out.